THE  --->  "TICK TWISTER PRO"  <---  tick remover.
The best way to get rid of ticks fast.

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Tick Twister Pro Prices

Wholesale Pricing:                                                              How to remove ticks !!

Please call to see if we have any in stock.   Thank You  !!

Are you here  because you would like to offer the “Tick Twister Pro” to your customers?
You may order as few as 18 (1 display box) at our wholesale price of $3.60 each.
Plus handling and Parcel Post fees (our zip prefix is 124).
Above USPS dimensions and/or weight would be UPS.
Please call us at  (845) 339 – 4090.

Counter Display boxes of 18. 

Counter Display Box Prices:

1 - 5  Counter Display Box(es) - $3.70 per item - or
                                                          $66.60 per Display box.

Parcel Post rates apply (our zip prefix is 124).
(sent via USPS within the lower 48 United States.)

6 - 11 Counter Display Boxes - $3.60 per item - or
                                                          $64.80 per Display box.
Case of 12 Counter Display Boxes

Dozen display boxes prices:

1 - 4  Case(s) of 12 - $3.50 per item - or
                                                    $756.00 per case.

5 - 10 Cases of 12 - $3.45 per item - or
                                                   $745.20 per case.

11 thru 20  Cases of 12 - $3.35per item - or
 per case.

22 or more Cases of 12 - $3.25 per item - or
                                                   $702.00 per case.

Postage & Handling charges are not included in the above prices.

Quantity discounts are per order.

Plus handling and Parcel Post fees (our zip prefix is 124).
If over USPS dimensions and/or weight we will use UPS.

Want to buy just 1 or a few for yourself, family and friends?

For retail purchase of 1-4 Tick Twister Pro
Please use appropriate "Buy Now" button below.

Canadian customers, P&H is $7.50 USD

P&H on the order form of $3.00 is for retail customers and applies to the lower 48 United States.

New York residents use "Ships to NEW YORK" buy now button please.Canada P&H is $7.50 - please use the Ships to Canada buy now button.Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere will be higher.Please ask for postage quote.

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