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The best way to get rid of ticks fast.

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How to remove ticks fast !!

With the Tick Twister Pro you "slide" the tool onto the tick, as close to the skin as you can get, in the same manner as you would a hammer on a nail when attempting to pull the nail out of a piece of wood.

Once the tool is in position, and this is where it gets a little different than if it were a nail, you DO NOT PRY on the tool or the tick;  YOU SPIN or ROTATE THE TOOL between your fingers, just like taking the screw-on top off a very small bottle, jar or tube.

You should know that alot of instuctions tell you not to twist the tick, well we entirely agree.

The Tick Twister Pro does not, at any time, twist the tick - it SPINS it.  And...  it spins the whole tick at once so there is no chance of the tick breaking apart. 

Also be aware that the Tick Twister Pro DOES NOT SQUEEZE the tick at any time during the whole removal process.

TWEEZERS, no matter the quality or size, SQUEEZE THE TICK - a very bad thing - now fluids have been squeezed out of the tick that may convey diseases to you or your animals.
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P&H on the order form of $3.00 is for retail customers and applies to the lower 48 United States.New York residents use "Ships to NEW YORK" buy now button please.Canada P&H is $7.50 - please use the Ships to Canada buy now button.
Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere will be higher.
Please ask for postage quote.

Wholesale inquiries...
Please call us at  (845) 339 – 4090.


HistoryThe “Tick Twister” hooks were invented and designed by a French veterinarian. The large hook has been marketed since October 1995. The small hook was designed in the spring of 1999 to complete the set ; its narrow jaws allow the removal of very small ticks (from 1/10th mm) while the large hook is used for larger ticks.

The hooks are made of injected plastic (polyoxymethylene=POM). This plastic is recyclable. It can also be incinerated without pollution (no chlorine fumes during combustion). Other reasons for this choice of polymer are its physical and chemical qualities (solidity, resistance to ether and most solvents).

Tick's extraction by ROTATION and not by pulling...
The mouth-parts of a tick include a hypostome (rostrum) which is implanted in the skin during biting.
This hypostome is fully covered with backward directed projections; this allows the tick to "anchor" in the skin. If you pull upon the tick, the spikes will rise and the mouth-parts of the tick will break and stay in the skin, causing pain and infection.

When you use the “Tick Twister Pro” hook, you TURN the body of the tick; the spikes fold into the axis of rotation, and the tick is easily removed, without traction effort, and decreasing the risks of breaking the rostrum.

The hooks are unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable.

They can be disinfected with usual disinfectants (alcohol for example...), or sterilized in an autoclave at 284°F (140°C).

More and more studies have proved that if you use chemical products to "put to sleep" or kill the tick (with ether or oil for example) it is an attack for the tick...
It reacts with a saliva back-flow in the skin, which increases inflammatory phenomena.
With the “Tick Twister Pro” hook, no chemical substances are used.

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Pictures of the "Tick Twister" in use.
These are pics of the Tick Twister.  -  The Tick Twister Pro is a new and improved design, one tool for all sizes of ticks. Tick Twister Pro works the same way without having to choose which tool to use and with its key ring hole you can carry it with you everywhere.

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