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The best way to get rid of ticks fast.

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"Remove ticks with a high
 quality tick remover."

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Remove Ticks fast and easily with
the "Tick Twister Pro" tick remover.
This is your key to the easiest tick removal on the planet.

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                                      How to remove ticks !!
The safest method of removing a tick since 1995.
Removes ticks completely & easily.
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This is it folks!
"The Tick Twister Pro"

  The tool, called a hook, removes both the large nasty, bloated ticks and the smaller, more dangerous, ones like the Lone Star and Lyme carrying Deer ticks.

This NEW improved tool is meant to be used on people as well as  animals just like the original Tick Twister.  The ability to carry it on a key ring makes it infinitely harder to misplace or lose.

We have received government employee comformation that the Lone Star tick has spread throughout the contiguous 48 United States.

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Wholesale inquiries...
Please call us at  (845) 339 – 4090. 

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Call....  1 (845) 339-4090   to see if in stock.

Canadian customers, P&H is $7.50 USD

P&H on the order form of $3.00 is for retail customers and applies to the lower 48 United States.
New York residents use "Ships to NEW YORK" buy now button pleaseCanada P&H is $7.50 - please use the Ships to Canada buy now button.Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere will be higher.

Please ask for postage quote.
Are you doing some camping with, or without, your pets and/or horse?
Are you camping on the side of a brook, stream or river while fly fishing?
Do you do a little gardening?
Maybe you have a big garden and you are gardening all day long.
Do you do your own dog training outside in your yard?
Are you taking your dog to outdoor dog training classes?
Do you do any horse back riding or attend horse racing events?
Are you planning on doing any hiking?
Does your dog supplement his diet by eating grass in between his meals of dog food?
Do you or someone you know live near or raise livestock?
All these things can expose you, your family and your animals to ticks?
Does the thought of getting Lyme disease scare you?

WELL THEN...        You need The "Tick Twister Pro"

And... Even the most passive of people can use
The "Tick Twister Pro" because...

The "Tick Twister Pro" is a removal tool.
The tick will still be alive when you take it off the host so you can, if need be, get it tested should you have any concerns as to the health of the animal or person it was removed from.
Free RealOne Player (to view movie)
Click here to see a movie of the Tick Twister in action.
Yes, the tool will remove ticks from nearly any animal that can get a tick.
Add to that the conveinance of being able to put it on a key ring you may actually be able to get by only buying one.
What about the rest of the family?
You have to think about who, when and where - is one "Tick Twister Pro" going to be enough? You have it with you but your spouce or kids need it.
Will everyone be able to get to it when they need it?
We bought several ourselves before we began selling them.
Get one to keep in the medicine cabinet at home and one in the travel trailer.
One for the first aid kit in your car.
You will want one for when you are backpacking and camping.
Why not one for your fishing tackle box.
Think about where family members go.

Are you going to have access to a "Tick Twister Pro"
when you need one.

This site was initially created and designed for B2B wholesale.
But, we know the individual is going to want the "Tick Twister Pro" also.
For a retail purchase you may use the "buy now" buttons below.

Canadian customers, P&H is $7.50 USD

P&H on the order form of $3.00 is for retail customers and applies to the lower 48 United States.New York residents use "Ships to NEW YORK" buy now button please.Canada P&H is $7.50 - please use the Ships to Canada buy now button.Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere will be higher.Please ask for postage quote.

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Wholesale inquiries...
Please call us at  (845) 339 – 4090. 

About Us

Twist It Out  is honored to announce that in May of 2006 we became a distributor of The "Tick Twister" in the U.S.A.
Due to the importer no longer handling the original Tick Twister we have moved forward, with them, in order to bring you the new and improved "Tick Twister Pro".
Located in eastern New York State we hope to reach all who have need of a tick removal tool, called a hook, through your local merchants in a timely manner.
This site was created for quantity purchases at our wholesale prices for those retailers interested in bringing the "Tick Twister Pro" to their valued customers.
Call us at (845) 339 - 4090
We offer 30 days net.
Contact Us
If you can not find The "Tick Twister Pro" anywhere, please allow us to help you out by mailing us $5.00 and $3.00 P&H, ($7.50 P&H if in Canada) check or money order, - to our snail-mail address on our  "How to ORDER"  page along with YOUR name & address and we will gladly send you as many as you need for yourself, your family, your neighbors and/or friends.
                         Makes a great gift for the outdoorzy, has everything, person. 

Thank You for your interest in The "Tick Twister Pro".

Caution:Infectious agents can be transmitted by the tick prior to its removal.  TICK TWISTER Pro does not help prevent the development of diseases.  Always consult your doctor or veterinarian in case symptoms occur.
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